Waste prevention through sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

Paper packaging is on the rise

Why the move to more paper packaging is globally important

  • Globally, 32% of plastic packaging is released into the environment and has no other utilization(*). This steadily growing pile of rubbish becomes more and more of a global problem.
  • Therefore, sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging solutions become more important and have an increasing influence on our everyday lives.
  • Proprietors, consumers, laws and even the end consumer now demand a significant reduction in the volumes of single-use plastic.

           (*) Neither via landfill, combustion nor recycling

Paper producers face up to their responsibilities

Growing piles of rubbish threaten our environment
Growing piles of rubbish threaten our environment

In the last few years, there are some paper producers,
who accept the challenge of developing sustainable
and environmentally friendly papers to replace plastic
products – wherever it is useful and possible.


Packaging papers form an essential range here. There
are a lot of products on the market that can be
wrapped in paper instead of plastic. Paper as
packaging not only has the advantage of being made
out of renewable raw materials, but the existing
recycling figures are an obvious reason for paper to
replace plastic.

DREWSEN: Pioneers and specialists in paper development

With our heat-sealable paper PROSEAL, the second eldest paper producer in Germany, DREWSEN, has developed a paper that combines all of the important factors such as environmental awareness, sustainability, versatility and recycability and possesses excellent processing properties.

Advantages of PROSEAL towards composite – and plastic products

Overview and comparison PROSEAL-Paper, Paper/PE and Film

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PROSEAL – verifiably good and with high added value


PROSEAL is a heat-sealable paper, which seals very well via ultrasonic methods – or high speed sealing machines. Its outstanding sealability is achieved via the one-side water-based dispersion coating.


The paper can be included in existing packaging production lines (Form-Fill and Seal, vertical and horizontal Flowpack) and has excellent processing properties such as good printability, flexibility, burst strength and consistent high-quality performance, which are necessary for all processes and applications.



PROSEAL is the right choice for customers who demand high quality, environmentally friendly packaging, to promote their brand promises effectively. PROSEAL is ideal for:

  • Primary and Secondary packaging for dry food stuffs that requires no barrier properties
  • Non-food applications


The recyclability of the product PROSEAL was unconditionally verified by the CTP against the EN 13430 standard.


DREWSEN will continue to focus on the development of new qualities, that can replace plastic products and which are important for all our futures.

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